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Terms and conditions

Scope of application

This terms and conditions show the legal relationship between Informatik Herzog GmbH and the customers, using services and products of Informatik Herzog GmbH. With the acceptance or with the use of services and products, the customer accepts this terms and conditions. This terms and conditions can be changed only in written agreements between the customer and the Informatik Herzog GmbH.

Conclusion of contracts

The contract between customer and Informatik Herzog GmbH will be established only with an written and signed order of the customer and the acceptance from Informatik Herzog GmbH.


Informatik Herzog GmbH will instruct their employees and called third persons to handle in confidence all documents and information related to the business or privacy of the customer.

Service offering

All information related to services and products described in the Internet and in product manuals from Informatik Herzog GmbH are not binding. Especially updates in appearance, technology and mistakes on descriptions, pictures and pricing are subject to revocation. Informatik Herzog is subjected to change the offers or the sales confirmation in order to fullfil legal or technical standards.


Offers are confidential and contain partly know how from Informatik Herzog GmbH. Offers must not be published to third persons or firms. Written offers from Informatik Herzog GmbH are valid for 30 days.


All prices are in CHF exclusive of VAT. The prices are valid for Switzerland. For services and products delivered abroad there will be an extra charge.


Informatik Herzog guarantees to deliver services and products as described in the service manual. All defects and deviations must be reported to Informatik Herzog GmbH in writing within 10 days. Informatik Herzog GmbH will eliminate the fault without an extra charge.

The warranty adjustments for services and products come from the guarantee appointments. Informatik Herzog GmbH will help to enforce the claims under guarantee.


The client has the obligation to use the delivered products and services with special attention to swiss and international legal regulations. In case of misuse the Informatik Herzog GmbH has the right to stop the delivery of products and services. The customer has to pay for direct and indirect costs and demands resulting from this behaviour.


Informatik Herzog GmbH has the right to mandate third firms to comply with the contracts. The customer has also to consider the terms and conditions of this subcontractor. Informatik Herzog GmbH will provide this terms and conditions to the customer.

Conditions of payment

Procucts and services must be paid in advance. Services in time and effort will be charged monthly. All bills must be paid within 30 days. Objections must be posted to Informatik Herzog GmbH within 30 days. Otherwise the bill is considered to be accepted.


In case of verifiable and rude careless or deliberately caused damages Informatik Herzog GmbH shall be liable to claims under guarantee. The accountability is restricted to the contract sum. Informatik Herzog GmbH explicitly excludes all further liabilities, especially caused by failure by the customer. Also liabilities for indirect secondary damages, missed earnings or claims of third parties are excluded.


Cancellations are valid only in written mails. If not settled differently, contracts of products and service are valid for one month at least. This contracts extend for one month continuously if not cancelled. Contracts can be cancelled after the minimum contract period and considering a two week period of notice.

Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is the appropriate court in Zug/Switzerland.

Final provisions

This terms and conditions are part of every offer, every sales confirmation and every contract. When products or services are delivered, only this terms and conditions are valid.

If some parts of this terms and conditions are invalid, the effectiveness of all other parts are still valid.

This terms and conditions are valid from May 25th, 2015.